Exwell ‘EPR’ & ‘EPX’ Equalizing Prong Assembly

The ’EPX’ / ’EPR’ Equalizing Prong is an ideal plugging device to be run in wells containing solids such as sand or tubing scale. The external fishing neck of the P-Prong is sit high above the settle sand, easy to retrieve and will allow full equalization of pressure across the plug body after the P-Prong has been retrieved.

It is designed to separate zones, plug off the tubing to allow testing or repair work to be performed at the X-mas tree, or setting packers, etc.

’EPX’ Equalizing Prong is used with ’EX’ & ’EXN’ Lock Mandrel for standard-weight tubing whereas ’EPR’ Equalizing Prong is used with ’ER’ & ’ERN’ Lock Mandrel for heavyweight tubing. (The ’N’ designates no-go nipple).


  • Balance with seals for either Standard or H2S Service
  • Fluid bypass during running or retrieving.
  • Extended-length prongs for use in completions with side pocket mandrels or when a large amount of sediment is expected
  • Vee-packing seals
  • No-Go OD.
  • Set and retrieved on sick line.
  • Holds pressure from above or below.
  • More dependable sealing in extreme environments.

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Exwell ‘EPR’  & ‘EPX’ Equalizing Prong Assembly