Exwell Dart Type Check Valve

Exwell Dart Style Check Valves are flow control devices that permit flow in one direction but stop flow in the opposite direction. Generally used in well service applications, the dart check valve is placed in the treating line to allow flow to the well but isolates any back flow upstream of the valve. This provides a safety device at various locations in the flow line and assures that pressure and fluid cannot backup into the manifold area or into the pumps.

Exwell dart check valves are manufactured in 2" and 3" sizes. Each size features a standard and reverse flow version. The Exwell Dart Style Check Valve is available for standard service and for sour gas (H2S) environments with integral wing union connections.

The valve is constructed of a two piece body that houses an in- line spring loaded dart. When fluid enters from the inlet side, it will overcome the low spring force on the dart. The dart will travel away from the inlet and allow the fluid to flow around towards the outlet.

When flow fluid stops, the light spring force closes the dart against its seat. If the pressure on the inlet side drops below that of the outlet, the fluid is kept from reversing its flow by the dart. The dart seal acts as a backup and creates a bubble-tight seal to eliminate any back flow.

Exwell Dart Type Check Valve

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